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Diligent work has been done on our workshop descriptions in hopes that artists are better able to understand what to expect in one of Scott's workshops. These are not plein air workshops. Please take the time to read below.

When it comes to plein air painting today, Scott Christensen believes that much has been lost in approach and process. Too often, when outside, artists rush into painting without having a clear conception of the “why” and “what” behind the initial impetus to paint. It was Edgar Payne who said, “The most important ally in the study of painting is the art of thinking” and that “individuality in thought is....the greatest single factor in creative work.” Scott believes that the complexities of a landscape scene can act as a barrier to clear and creative thinking. The “enormously overloaded property room” of the landscape can be overwhelming. When approaching a painting of this content, it therefore becomes essential to learn to organize and simplify your ideas.

Although painting outdoors is one of the most satisfying things an artist can pursue, and can contribute to great learning, a re-framed approach may be necessary to fully exploit this opportunity. In order to better understand how to approach painting outdoors and derive genuine learning, the artist needs to spend time indoors studying and practicing. To this end, Scott dissects and analyzes individual aspects of plein air painting in the studio, enabling students to focus on one creative step at a time. 

Learning art is a process that takes time. True learning is not merely the acquisition of a “technique” to achieve a certain result. Rather, it is the ability to observe and see in ways that are unique. Scott explains the process of approaching the landscape in clear steps and offers an atmosphere conducive to its learning. With diligent practice, the technique to express the new “seeing” will eventually find itself uniquely in every student. Once practiced and understood individually, students are better equipped to apply these understandings outside, and to discover and understand the “why” and “what” in the landscape subject matter before them.

Scott emphasizes that learning the painting process takes time and every student will absorb as much as she or he can take at any given time. The ultimate responsibility lies with the learner to accept and practice the principles presented. The more curiosity, openness and desire, the sooner students will move to new levels of seeing and understanding. This is a very exciting process, one in which Scott believes deeply. He is is eager to help you on this journey.

Please join Scott in 2020 for one of his unforgettable workshops. Christensen Studio offers two workshop formats: a larger one entitled “Developing Your Artistic Thoughts” and a smaller one called “Thinking Artistically.” Both workshops offer four full days of instruction dedicated to the artist who is committed to learning, brings a sense of curiosity, and is ready to think deeply. While not plein air workshops as such, these immersive experiences help the committed learner approach landscape painting with new vision and methods. Both workshops will cover concepts in:
1. Idea Finding
2. Intention
3. Motif
4. Composition
5. Massing
6. Variety
7. Key/Value
8. Light
9. Orchestration
10. Reworking
11. Critiquing Your Process

Developing Your Artistic Thoughts/Large Group Workshop
Location: Scott's studio in Victor, Idaho
Painting Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Maximum Group Size: 16
Price: $1250
June 22-25, 2020
August 10-13, 2020

Developing Your Artistic Thoughts is the perfect introduction to Scott’s teaching by offering a combination of indoor learning, lectures, study, and painting practice. Given space restrictions inside, the painting part of this workshop requires being outdoors, painting either with references that Scott provides or painting from life. Scott’s 5-acre property offers space to spread out, with covered porches for protection from the elements. Through conversation, visual examples, and demonstrations, artists gain insight into the intentionality required for working with the inspirations and complexities of landscape painting.

Thinking Artistically/Small Group Workshop
Location: Scott's studio in Victor, Idaho
Painting Level: Advanced Intermediate to Advanced
Maximum Group Size: 5
Price: $2500
June 27-30, 2020
August 4-7, 2020
August 15-18, 2020

Thinking Artistically is an all IN-STUDIO workshop for a small group of intermediate to advanced painters. These smaller group workshops are meant for the artist who has already achieved the plein air mindset and is seeking to improve their work with specific feedback. Scott will help isolate individual artists’ needs and provide guidance to foster growth. While these classes focus on the landscape as subject, teaching is conducted entirely in the studio. Rather than being plein air classes as such, instruction is focused on techniques and methods for greater success in the overall painting process. This is an intensive workshop, requiring the artist to apply the daily lecture/practice to homework after class. 

Please call Jessica Barksdale, Christensen Studio Manager, with any questions or to help determine which workshop is the best fit for you.

Westminster, Colorado
May 1-6, 2020
Consider joining Scott for his pre-convention workshop at the Plein Air Convention (PACE) in Westminster, Colorado. Scott will present a day and a half "hands-off" workshop (May 1-2, 2020) and will also present a demo later in the week.


Workshop at the Booth Museum of Western Art
Cartersville, GA
April 14-17, 2021
This workshop is full and accepting waitlist. Please call Kent Mullinax with the Booth Art Academy at (770) 387-1553 or email him below for more information and/or to get your name on the waitlist.