Below you'll find information on the paints, brushes and frames Scott uses each and every day in the studio. These fine suppliers create at the highest level in each of their fields, and we are happy to share them with you here.

Vasari Classic Artists' Oil Colorsset of 8 Scott Christensen grays

Using traditional methods of paintmaking ensures the purity of color and lush consistency, enabling Vasari to impart the secret of the Old Masters to the modern day painter. Working with only the best oil and the finest authentic pigments, they passionately refuse to dull, stiffen, or weaken our colors with fillers such as chalk or wax.
Vasari Classic Artist’s Oil Colors was established by master paintmaker Stephen Salek. Stephen continues to personally guide every aspect of the Vasari Oil Colors process, from the selection of raw materials to the nuanced balance of our proprietary colors.
Their small team of veteran paintmakers ensure that every tube of oil color that leaves our workshop in New Jersey meets his uncompromising standards.

The line of Vasari colors of course includes the traditional colors that have been the staple of artists over time, but they’ve also taken the classic paintmaking techniques of the old masters and brought them into the 21st century with the addition of modern pigments unavailable to previous generations. 
In addition, Vasari offers a line of proprietary colors, carefully developed pigment combinations exclusive to Vasari Classic Artists’ Oil Colors and not available from other makers.
Oil colors from Vasari are so vibrantly rich with pigment, so buttery smooth and consistent in their flow characteristics, that painting with them is a different experience; they can help you take your painting to another level.

From Scott: "Vasari is simply the best quality paint on the market. The emulsion is perfect with a buttery consistency that is superb. No other paint compares"

Check out the series of eight highly chromatic grey Vasari has expertly crafted alongside Scott.  These oils are expertly compounded for easily establishment of both value and tone.


Rosemary and Co Artists Brushes

Rosemary and Co. out of Keighley, England have been providing the finest quality artists' brushes, handmade, for over thirty years. By making brushes and selling to artists direct through mail order, Rosemary and Co. is able to eliminate the "middle-man" or wholesalers.  They avoid the expensive overhead of some of the larger manufacturers and bring an uncompromised quality product to artists around the globe.

From Scott: "I am extremely happy with this new line of Ultimate Brushes by Rosemary. The improved taper of the bristle and the double interlock securing the hair means the brush holds shape and form. I'm tough to please when it comes to brushes and have had a hard time finding quality ones over the years. Not anymore.  All of Rosemary's brushes reflect great craftsmanship at a very affordable price point. And they last!"

Check out the brush sets assembled by Rosemary specifically for Scott - The Full Set and The Studio Set are available online at the links below.

Full Set:

Studio Set:


Au Frames  Frame

Au Frames, Inc., located in Sugar City, Idaho specializes in handcrafted frames, boxes and furniture.  They concentrate on traditional gilding methods and strive for top quality craftsmanship, design and finishing.

Solid wood construction of all products.
Hand-carved designs or applied composition ornaments.
Karat gold only.

Au is the symbol for gold on the periodical chart of elements.  The circle square logo is an ancient symbol representing perfect continual motion and perfect solidity. Au frames aim to achieve these qualities in each an every handcrafted piece.

Check out Stephen's work and find out how to order a custom frame at the link below.

Au Frames

Wind River Arts is a small company that provides art supplies for the discriminating artists. 

It is our pleasure to present you with highest quality art products.  Each of the items available on our website is crafted by the finest artisans. “

Wind River Arts offers

Linen Panels

Several high-quality linens (oil, alkyd, acrylic and lead primed) mounted on Gatorboard or Birch. Great variety of the finest surfaces for oil painting.

Multimedia Boards

The 1/32” thick multimedia (non-buckle boards) with linen for when space is a consideration.

Pochade Boxes

EASyL Pochade boxes, wet panel carriers, umbrellas, and other plein air equipment.

Hughes Easels

Technically advanced Hughes Easels.  Wind River Arts will work with you to get the model best for your needs.


Studio Taborets

A good selection of custom built taborets designed to fit your painting needs.


Rosemary Brushes

USA Distributor of Rosemary Brushes.  Scott Christensen brush set available.


Call Mary Rawle at 972-342-4947 to order.